Whistle up the glen

Photographs and other documentary evidence of historical interest in the Helensburgh and Lomond area


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A list of the walks taken. Some are just interesting to see others are suggested

Myself and Alasdair took a walk up to Carman Hill

Myself and Alasdair took a walk around Sawmill woods, to the east of Helensburgh and ended up by Camus Eskan

I joined the group to visit the remains of Millbrae cottages over by Rosneath on the Peninsula

Myself Alasdair and Anne took a walk along the beach so I could look at the remains of the Dumbuck Crannog.  fascinating to realise that people occupied this site so long ago. Quite humbling to have a small glimpse of those gone before us

Further to the east of the Dumbuck Crannog is a feature called, on older maps, Milton Island. It is a circular feature and the North Clyde Archaeological Society are looking to eplore it at some future date

Took the bus to Cardross and walked down to the sawmill and the bay.

I was asked to join the group who were digging over a Portkil

Yeh, I'll come for a look at some caves. That's how I ended up, halfway up a hill northeast of Succoth

My son had mentioned a cave over at Peaton Woods, by Coulport. An area of woodland bought, from the MoD and now held in trust for peaceful activities

Myself and Alasdair took the bus to the East side of Dumbarton where there is a path down to the Beach. If you time the tide right it's a pleasant walk along to Cardross